PAT Testing

PAT testing involves testing all mobile electrical appliances to ensure they are safe and fit for use. It is legally required and must be carried out by trained professionals such as those at Abbey Electrical Services. As Safe Electric certified contractors, we are able to provide PAT testing for domestic and commercial customers. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that is both professional and reliable whilst remaining competitively priced.

PAT Testing for Domestic Properties

If you are a landlord you are required by law to have an annual PAT test done on your property, ensuring all portable electrical appliances are safe to use. If you don’t produce a relevant, up to date PAT test for your property then you can run the risk of voiding your insurance policy.

At Abbey Electrical Services we have carried out PAT tests on numerous rental properties over the years. If you are a landlord and need a PAT test done on your property give us a call.

PAT Testing for Commercial Properties

All mobile electrical appliances being handled by employees in business premises need to be PAT tested to ensure their safety. At Abbey Electrical Services we are fully qualified and equipped to carry out PAT testing on all electrical appliances for our commercial customers on both a small and large scale.

If you require a fast and efficient PAT testing service for you business,
give us a call.